More Than We Want to Know? The Law, Economics and Psychology of Mandated Disclosure

Friday 8 April 2016
Mordan Hall, St. Hugh’s College, University of Oxford


There are many circumstances in which businesses are obliged to provide consumers with information: when selling financial products, for example, or on advisory leaflets accompanying medication. The aim of this regulatory requirement is simple: more information will allow consumers to make better, and more informed, decisions.

But does this work in practice? How many of us actually read the small print and, importantly, does an avalanche of information prevent key messages from being communicated? Too much information might well outweigh any beneficial effect if consumers become overwhelmed and simply stop reading.

At this conference, leading academics, as well as the head of the Financial Conduct Authority’s Behavioural Economics and Data Science unit, will examine the regulatory tool of mandated disclosure from an economic, psychological and legal perspective, and consider how its use is informed by regulatory and policy concerns.